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 Recycle your surplus radiators through our classified Ads!Simply email your advertisement to with detailed descriptions and corresponding photos. It is all free!

Got a radiator problem? We are not your typical radiator service!  We; bottom_left_basic102Removebottom_left_basic102 Refurbishbottom_left_basic102 Sandblast bottom_left_basic102 Restore, and bottom_left_basic102Locate radiators for period homes. We design bottom_left_basic102Victorian Style Radiator Enclosures, for antique radiators. Call: 617-629-9168 for help!


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User Agreement


We do not make warranties as to the reliability of every contact or supplier we provide. However, before we make any recommendations, we will endeavor to check the contact on this site. Where the contact is not validated we will advise accordingly, and only you the user will make the ultimate determination as to the fitness of the supplier.

We can not be held responsible for any damages, claims or expenses arising from the use of this service. We shall not be responsible for any consequences relating directly or indirectly to any action or inaction that may be based on the information, services or other material obtained on this web-site.


While our service endeavors to track down rare-finds we do not guarantee we will always find what you seek. Some of the manufacturers are long gone and the products may be defunct. We may however make some recommendations for similar products. But, again,  it is up to the discretion of the user to determine what they want.

Repair Service

Owing to the different radiator configurations and the fact that some parts may be out of supply, we do not guarantee that we can repair every radiator. We only do limited repairs. But first we will have to obtain a full description of your radiator or the problem before we can determine if it can be fixed or not.

Note that leaky radiators may need to be tested to determine the nature of the leak. Some old leaky radiators or radiators involved in a serious freeze-up\ may prove too costly to fix. It is some times advisable to replace broken radiators with new or used functional radiators, than try and fix the mulfunctioning ones.

Your Information

The information gathered on this site is meant to serve you, the public better. We will not, without your consent; sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement except in cases where we believe that the law requires us to do so.

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We always attempt to be accurate in presenting all our content and pricing information. However, we do not guarantee that all product information, definitions and pricing or any other content on this site is current and complete. We draw our information and content from different sources. However, owing to changing trends, some of the information may be rendered obsolete or unusable. Besides, there is always a possibility of shear human error. In the event of an error we urge you to immediately report any inaccuracies.

Using the Forums

All well-meaning members of public are invited to use our forum board. However unscrupulous behavior and foul language is not encouraged. We will not hesitate to take all actions, including legal actions against any such persons. We do not condone the use of actions or language that may be deemed offensive to other visitors.

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